Nobody would have thought after my first meeting in 1997 with the professors of the University of Lyon (studying the method to reduce friction between materials) that it would lead to such an important cooperation and would be revolutionary for the world of skiing. Until that point I had done considerable work on stone grinding machines and had studied and experimented with various possibilities of warm-wax applications. To prepare skis with a cold-wax application, thereby radically improving gliding characteristics, initially ap-peared to be impossible.

After a few tests with the team from the Universityof Lyon and their equipment I developed the first Roto-Engine to improve wax application. In the meanti-me I also worked on improving the waxes, perfecting them to the point that they found their first use in the World Cup and the Olympic Winter Games in alpine skiing and then in cross-country skiing. With Yes-Skiwax we have developed the transportable and light Roto-Engine“Vario”, which facilitates and optimizes the preparation of skis for many national teams and ski producers. It is, of course, also available for all recreational skiers.

With Yes-Skiwax we are continually developing and improving our products. The production lines of Roto High-Fluor, Roto Low-Fluor and Roto No-Fluor cover all the desired needs for waxing….

…from a simple idea to yesskiwax.com

Your Giorgio Girardi