YESSkiwax: the new, easy and fast way of waxing. The wax is applied to the base using a lambskin roller. Our Roto technology offers valuable advantages: excellent gliding properties, fast and environmentally friendly preparation, preservation of the pavement structure and inexpensive equipment. With a cordless screwdriver and a Roto-Kit, you can grow like in a World Cup. Have fun with the original Roto technology from YESSkiwax and our high-quality products.

Featured products

ROTO F2015 5 Top Fluor no PFOA

perfect for wet, transformed and dirty snow. Temp: 0/-5°C 32 to 23°F HR: 60/95%

Roto HF 15 no PFOA

for cold and not transformed snow. With artificial abrasive snow it is an advantage to apply a base with YES ACTIVE 25. Temp: -7/-15°C 19 to 5°F HR: 35/80%

ROTO F2015 0 Top Fluor no PFOA

For very wet snow, natural or artificial Temp: 0°C 32 °F HR: 50%

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