Performance 4

SKU: FH104-150
No PFOA for transformed and not to cold snow conditions. Temp: -1/-4°C 30 to 25°F HR 60/95% Iron: 135°C / 275°F
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fluor-powder no PFOA for new snow or slightly transformed. Perfect also for new cold snow conditions. Temp: -4/-10°C 25 to 14°F HR 50/95% Iron: 165°C / 329°F

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Flour-powder no PFOA for new-wet snow with low humidity Temp: 0/-5°C 32 to 23°F HR -20% Iron: 165°C / 329°F

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Flour-powder no PFOA for new slightly transformed snow with low humidity. Temp: -4/-9°C 25 to 14°F HR-20% Iron: 165°C / 329°F