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Kit trapano Snowboard LF

2 pelli Ø 89 - 220 mm 2 roto products

ROTO Drill Kit - Ski Alp

Ideal to prepare skins and base for Ski-Touring

ROTO Drill Kit F2015

Special set for competitions and best gliding performances

ROTO Drill Kit High Fluor

..ideal für Training und Wettkampf

ROTO Engine Kit / Set Motor Team

..noch leichter und stabiler!

ROTO Engine Kit F2015 / Set Motor Team

..ideal für Vereine und Rennteams

ROTO F2015 10

Perfect for humid snow, lightly tansformed. Temp: -4/-10°C 25 to 14°F HR: 50/95%

ROTO F2015 10 Black

for slightly transformed snow conditions, dry and from cold to warm, dirty end artificial. Temp: -4/-10°C 25 to14°F HR: 50/95%

ROTO F2015 20

For very cold snow conditions, artificial and humid. Temp: -9/-20°C 16 to -4°F HR: 35/80%

ROTO F2015 20 Black

for very cold snow, dry, artificial and dirty. Temp: -9/-20°C 16 to -4°F HR: 35/80%

ROTO F2015 5

perfect for wet, transformed and dirty snow. Temp: 0/-5°C 32 to 23°F HR: 60/95%

ROTO F2015 5 Black

for humid snow conditions, transformed and dirty, as also artificial. Temp: 0/-5°C 32 to 23°F HR: 60/95%

Roto HF 15

for cold and not transformed snow. With artificial abrasive snow it is an advantage to apply a base with YES ACTIVE 25. Temp: -7/-15°C 19 to 5°F HR: 35/80%

Roto HF 4

for lightly transformed and not to cold snow. Temp: -1/-4°C 30 to 25°F HR: 35/80%

Roto HF 7

for lightly transformed and also granular but not to cold snow. Temp: -3/-7°C 27 to 19°F HR: 50/95%

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