ROTO Kork for Drillers

SKU: A1189-135
Diametro 89 / 135 mm
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ROTO Fleece Wool-Applicators

Fleece Wool Applicator for Roto Engine.

Puliski Cleaner

Liquid to clean the skis, ideal to clean and pepare the skis before applying the Roto Products.

Liquid Racing Fluor Free Speed Line wet with sponge

A liquid liquid NO-Fluor product. For wet snow. Is applied with the sponge cap or better lightly with applied with the roto-fleece and then brushed Temp: 0/-5°C HR -30%.

Liquid Racing Fluor Free Speed Line med

A liquid NO-Fluor product. For new to transformed snow conditions. Apply with the sponge release or even better with the Roto-fleece and then brush. Temp: -4/-12°C HR -30%.